Nitrogen Pumping Skid

Application: Nitrogen Pumping SkidLocation: Great Yarmouth, UK

ComAp Engine Control Division was recently commissioned to programme an electronic InteliDrive DUC Industrial system for a Nitrogen Pumping Skid. The ComAp InteliDrive was the best solution as the customer required a system which could provide variable speed control to an MTU engine with MDEC Engine Management System.

This ComAp engine controller is a highly flexible unit for control, monitoring and protection of diesel engines. The IntliDrive DUC offers a control unit with a graphical display. The InteliDrive Industrial Controller is perfect for variable speed Engine Driven applications, and ComAp believes there is no other controller on the market that can provide such a customisable solution.

ComAp were able to offer a full and customised solution for our customer, Prior Diesel, as we have the knowledge and expertise to meet any specific criteria. By designing detailed software logic, Prior Diesel was able to realise the solution they required exactly.