New Generators for Great Ormond Street Hospital

Application: 1600kva automatic start generatorsLocation: London, UK

After raising the much-needed funds, Great Ormond Street Hospital has been able to build a large expansion. As a result of being able to offer so much more care Great Ormond’s Street Hospital needed to fit another two backup generators, commissioned by Addicott Electrics Ltd, of Newton Abbott Devon, to ensure the power supply to the new wing.

Addicott Electrics Ltd manufactured, supplied and installed both generators and also designed and commissioned the complex control solution for the new wing’s generators, using ComAp InteliGen and InteliMains NT controllers, supplied by ComAp:

  • InteliMains NT controllers with IS-BIN expansion units.
  • InteliMains NT Controller with 1x IGS-PTM expansion unit.
  • InteliGen NT Controllers with IS-BIN expansion units as the customer required a system which could provide variable speed control to an MTU engine, with an MDEC Engine Management System.

These ComAp engine controllers are highly sophisticated units for control and monitoring of backup diesel engines. All were programmed and commissioned by Addicott Electrics Engineers fully, to the specification provided by the team at GOSH.


For such a large and important project, ComAp was chosen in to supply the most suitable Engine Control solution because we could offer:

  • Extensive Market experience and knowledge.
  • Advice on the most suitable products from a wide range.
  • Excellent customer support before, during and after sales service.