Turbine Transfers

Application: Offshore Wind Turbine Service Towing BoatsLocation: Holyhead, UKEngine: Scania

Turbine Transfers Limited, a company owned wholly by Holyhead Towing approached ComAp recently for a much needed engine control solution for their catamarans.

The Captains of the working catamarans used for the servicing of offshore wind turbines needed an easy to use, interface for control and monitoring of their propulsion engines. Engine monitoring is vital for the crew as their catamarans are expected to run at full power, while stationary, for long periods of time.

A ComAp InteliVision 8 was installed for full colour screen, monitoring, accompanied by the ComAp InteliDrive DCU marine controller. Working in conjunction, these products enabled a “plug and play” solution for Turbine Transfers Limited.

Benefits included:

  • Flexible user configurable Input/Output structure to match the customers precise needs
  • Large, colour display
  • Complete and tailored solution
  • Excellent customer support before, during and after products are commissioned.

For more information contact a member of our Engine Control Sales Team on +44 (0) 121 511 0400.